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City/County of :  Please select the exact city and county of death for the subject of the certificate.

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Date of Death:  The exact date of death of the person listed on the record.

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Year of Death Restriction:  For the selected county we can only accept orders for deaths that occurred from 2010 to today.

Information About the Requestor

IMPORTANT:  The requestor is the person ordering the certificate. The name of the credit card holder must be the same as the requestor.

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Date of Birth & Social Security Number of the Requestor:  This is an additional safeguard to protect your identity and the security of the requested certificate.

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Important:  Valid SSN only, no ITINs or temporary SSNs permitted.

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Information:  If you are not named on the record you may be required to provide proof of Relationship, Entitlement, and/or Court Documents.

Important:  The relationship selected must match your relationship to the subject exactly

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Information About the Subject of the Certificate

ADOPTED?  Please visit our FAQ section for important information.

Name of Subject:  The name exactly as it appears on the certificate.

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Certified Copy of Tennessee
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Important:  Does not include ID verification and delivery times.

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Important:  UPS to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico is up to $27.50. UPS Canada/Mexico is up to $28.00. UPS to all international locations is up to $49.50. Delivery method and price are subject to change based on delivery location

Regular mail delivery is available, however, we recommend you choose a more secure shipping method that provides faster delivery and tracking of your order.

$31.00 per certificate ($15.00 each additional certificate)

Important:  State and Agency Fees are subject to change. Delivery Time Frames are not guaranteed and delivery to remote areas may take longer

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IMPORTANT:  The total price will be calculated and shown once all required fields on this order form have been completed.
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1. I understand US Vital Records (USVR) offers professional advice and provides support to help eliminate errors when applying for vital certificates. USVR assists in verifying that applications are accurate to avoid delays in processing. USVR is not operated, licensed, or affiliated with any government agency.

2. I understand I will receive an email from the relevant government agency with instructions on how to send a copy of my government issued picture ID for verification.

3. I accept the Terms of Service, including the refund and cancellation policies.

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